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Learn More about Study CDs

Study CDs are audio recordings of Bible lessons and sermons that are playable on a Personal Computer (PC) or an MP3 compatible CD-player, or can be downloaded to a portable MP3 player. Click here to listen to lessons from Study CDs. Click here for System Requirements.

In creating Study CDs, the original Bible lessons and sermons are recorded to a computer, digitally-processed to remove imperfections, and compressed onto a single CD using MP3 technology. A normal audio CD holds only 74 minutes of audio; but by using Study CD techology, many hours of lessons and sermons are stored on a single CD. Up to 50 lessons from cassette tapes have been archived on a Study CD.

The Study CDs use a Web-like interface to display its contents. When you click on the audio lesson you want to hear, the audio immediately begins to play. You can pause, rewind, or fast-forward the audio using the standard Audio Player that comes with Windows.

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