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iPod download instructions

These are general instructions to help you download the tracks of your audio MP3 Bible Study CD to your iPod. You need to have i-Tunes installed on your computer. If you don't have i-Tunes, you can download it from the Internet. The following steps are based on i-Tunes 6, so some of the steps may differ slightly because of the various kinds of iPods and the different versions of iTunes software:

1. Insert the CD/DVD containing the tracks you want to download, into the CD/DVD-rom drive of your computer.

2. When you first insert the CD/DVD into drive it opens automatically with Windows Explorer. Close that window.

3. Click on your desktop's My Computer icon, then find the drive letter or icon of your CD/DVD-rom drive. It should show the name of the CD/DVD that you inserted. Right-click the CD/DVD icon and Open. This should show the folders and files on the CD/DVD. Then find and click on the folder named "Audio" to show the sound-track files for the CD/DVD you want to convert & download to iPod..

4. Open/Start the i-Tunes program from your desktop. NOTE: On some systems you need to UN-select the following setting under Edit / Preferences / Advanced / Importing: "Use error correction when reading audio CDs" in order for the track files to import properly into iTunes.

5. Click on the CD\Audio window you opened in step 3. Select (Highlight) the track file(s) you want to download to your iPod.

6. Drag (copy) the selected tracks to the blank area under the "Source" list in i-Tunes (using left-click-drag of mouse for iTunes 6) to create and display a new, unnamed Playlist at the bottom of the Source list. [Another way to add a Playlist is to click the File Menu, click New Playlist; name it in its box. If you go this route, drag the files in a second, separate step into the right window of your new playlist, with it selected (highlighted). Otherwise, go on to step 7]

7. Name the new Playlist according to the tracks (audio files) from the CD/DVD you are downloading (Romans or Romans 6-8, etc). Step 6 imports the audio tracks into both your I-Tunes Library folder and the Music folder (under the Music / Playlists in the iPod's menu after downloading to the iPod).

8. Click on the new Playlist in the Source column.

9. Look at soundtrack files that were copied into the second column on the right side of the i-Tunes window. If they copied out of order, click on the "Name" heading above the list. This should rearrange the file order.

10. Connect your iPod to your computer and wait for i-Tunes to update the files (download) from computer to iPod.


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