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To do a word search of the Sonic Light site: In your browser, set your Search Engine to Google Search. In the Search window, type:[search words]. Due to recent changes in the search engine program, the site search doesn't work like it used to. However, using the above method, you can get a list of descriptive website finds in the browser's search engine window, that are listed by filename, with links to the files containing the finds.

To do a word search or study in Dr. Constable's Notes online, open the Notes under "Study Notes," and use Adobe Reader or Acrobat's Find or Search tool.

Although the online search tool is limited for the notes, the notes CD on the other hand, purchasable from Sonic Light, allows a full index word search of all 66 books. The CD's search feature allows you to quickly find any word included in the Notes throughout the approx. 7,000 pages. Click here to see this feature described. You need either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader with Search.