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I. The public worship of the Israelites chs. 116

A. The laws of sacrifice chs. 17

1. The burnt offering ch. 1

2. The meal offering ch. 2

3. The peace offering ch. 3

4. The sin offering 4:15:13

5. The trespass offering 5:146:7

6. Instructions for the priests concerning the offerings 6:87:38

The law of the burnt offering for the priests 6:8-13

The law of the meal offering for the priests 6:14-18

The meal (cereal) offering of the priests 6:19-23

The law of the sin (purification) offering for the priests 6:24-30

The law of the trespass (reparation, "guilt") offering for the priests 7:1-10

The law of the peace (fellowship) offering for the priests 7:11-36

Summary of the laws of the offerings for the priests 7:37-38

B. The institution of the Aaronic priesthood chs. 810

1. The consecration of the priests and the sanctuary ch. 8

The assembling of the congregation 8:1-5

Aaron's washing and clothing 8:6-9

The anointing 8:10-13

The ordination offerings 8:14-30

Further instruction to Aaron 8:31-36

2. The entrance of Aaron and his sons into their office ch. 9

Moses' commands to Aaron and the congregation and their obedience 9:1-6

Moses' command to Aaron and his obedience 9:7-21

Fire from the Lord 9:22-24

3. The sanctification of the priesthood ch. 10

Fire from the Lord again 10:1-7

The Lord's commands to Aaron 10:8-11

Moses' commands to Aaron and Aaron's response 10:12-20

C. Laws relating to ritual cleanliness chs. 1115

1. Uncleanness due to contact with certain animals ch. 11

Distinctions between clean and unclean animals 11:1-23

Pollution by animals and its treatment 11:24-47

2. Uncleanness due to childbirth ch. 12

3. Uncleanness due to skin and covering abnormalities chs. 1314

The diagnosis and treatment of abnormalities in human skin and clothing ch. 13

Abnormalities in human skin 13:1-46

Abnormalities in clothing 13:47-59

The ritual cleansing of abnormalities in human skin 14:1-32

The ritual cleansing of abnormalities in houses 14:33-53

Summary of these ordinances 14:54-57

4. Uncleanness due to bodily discharges associated with reproduction ch. 15

D. The Day of Atonement ch. 16

1. Introductory information 16:1-10

Introduction to the Day of Atonement legislation 16:1-2

Basic requirements for the ceremonies 16:3-5

An outline of the ceremonies 16:6-10

2. Instructions concerning the ritual 16:11-28

The blood-sprinkling rites 16:11-19

The scapegoat 16:20-22

The cleansing of the participants 16:23-28

3. Instructions concerning the duty of the people 16:29-34

II. The private worship of the Israelites chs. 1727

A. Holiness of conduct on the Israelites' part chs. 1720

1. Holiness of food ch. 17

2. Holiness of the marriage relationship ch. 18

3. Holiness of behavior toward God and man ch. 19

Holiness precepts 19:1-18

Statutes and judgments 19:19-37

4. Punishments for serious crimes ch. 20

B. Holiness of the priests, gifts, and sacrifices chs. 2122

1. The first list of regulations for priests 21:1-15

2. The second list of regulations for priests 21:16-24

3. The third list of regulations for priests ch. 22

Things that profane a priest 22:1-9

Persons who could not eat the sacred offerings 22:10-16

The offerings of the priests 22:17-25

The time intervals of sacrifices 22:26-33

C. Sanctification of the Sabbath and set seasons of Yahweh ch. 23

1. The Sabbath 23:1-3

2. The Feast of Passover and Unleavened Bread 23:4-14

The Passover 23:4-5

The days of Unleavened Bread 23:6-8

The presentation of firstfruits 23:9-14

3. The Feast of Pentecost 23:15-22

4. The Blowing of Trumpets 23:23-25

6. The Day of Atonement 23:26-32

7. The Feast of Tabernacles 23:33-44

D. The preparation of the holy lamps and showbread 24:1-9

E. The punishment of a blasphemer 24:10-23

F. Sanctification of the possession of land by the sabbatical and jubilee years ch. 25

1. The sabbatical year 25:1-7

2. The Year of Jubilee 25:8-55

The observance of the Year of Jubilee 25:8-12

The effects of the Year on the possession of property 25:13-34

The effects of the Year on the personal freedom of the Israelites 25:35-55


1. Introduction to the final conditions of the covenant 26:1-2

2. The blessing for fidelity to the law 26:3-13

3. The warning for contempt of the law 26:14-33

4. The objective of God's judgments in relation to the land and the nation of Israel 26:34-46


1. Vows concerning persons 27:1-8

2. Vows concerning animals 27:9-13

3. Vows concerning other property 27:14-29

4. The redemption of tithes 27:30-34