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Historical Background




Theological Emphases




Distinctive Features





I. Introduction ch. 1

A. The introduction of Jeremiah 1:1-3

B. The call of Jeremiah 1:4-19

1. The promise of divine enablement 1:4-10

2. Two confirming visions 1:11-19

The vision of the almond tree 1:11-12

The vision of the boiling pot 1:13-19

II. Prophecies about Judah chs. 245

A. Warnings of judgment on Judah and Jerusalem chs. 225

1. Warnings of coming punishment because of Judah's guilt chs. 26

Yahweh's indictment of His people for their sins ch. 2

Yahweh's remembrance of Israel's past 2:1-3

Yahweh's claims to having dealt justly with His people 2:4-8

Yahweh's promise to contend with His people 2:9-13

Israel's perverse conduct 2:14-19

Evidences of Israel's ingratitude 2:20-25

Israel's shame because of her apostasy 2:26-28

Israel's hardness of heart 2:29-37

Yahweh's call for His people's repentance 3:14:4

The spiritual unfaithfulness of Judah 3:1-5

The persistent harlotry of Israel and Judah 3:6-10

The future repentance and return of all Israel 3:11-18

The promise of a beautiful land in spite of former treachery 3:19-20

The anticipation of Israel's repentance 3:21-25

Gentile blessing through Israelite repentance 4:1-4

Yahweh's declaration of divine judgment 4:56:30

The sounding of the alarm that invasion was coming 4:5-10

The intensity and severity of the coming judgment 4:11-18

The anguished response of Jeremiah 4:19-22

A vision of the coming destruction 4:23-26

An oracle concerning the coming destruction 4:27-31

The depth of Judah's sin 5:1-9

Judah's false security 5:10-19

Yahweh's warning to His complacent people 5:20-31

The siege of Jerusalem predicted 6:1-8

The breadth of Judah's guilt 6:9-15

The inadequacy of mere ritual worship 6:16-21

The people's response to the invader's attack 6:22-26

Jeremiah's evaluation of his people 6:27-30

2. Warnings about apostasy and its consequences chs. 710

Aspects of false religion 7:18:3

Jeremiah's Temple Sermon 7:1-15

The Queen of Heaven cult 7:16-20

Obedience as opposed to mere sacrifice 7:21-28

Sin in the Valley of Hinnom 7:29-34

Astral worship 8:1-3

Incorrigible Judah 8:410:25

Blind complacency 8:4-12

The fruitless nation 8:13-17

Jeremiah's grief over Jerusalem 8:189:1

Judah's depravity 9:2-9

Jerusalem's ruin 9:10-16

A dirge over Jerusalem 9:17-22

Proper grounds for boasting 9:23-24

The worthlessness of circumcision 9:25-26

A satire on idolatry 10:1-16

A lament over the coming exile 10:17-25

3. Warnings in view of present conditions 11:115:9

The consequences of breaking the covenant chs. 1113

The broken covenant 11:1-17

An attempt to kill Jeremiah 11:1812:6

A lament about Yahweh's ravaged inheritance 12:7-13

Death or life for Israel's neighbors 12:14-17

The linen waistband 13:1-11

The parable of the wine jars 13:12-14

A final plea and warning 13:15-17

A lament over the king and the queen mother 13:18-19

Jerusalem's incurable wickedness 13:20-27

Laments during a drought and a national defeat 14:115:9

A lament during drought 14:1-16

A lament during a national defeat 14:1715:4

A lament concerning Jerusalem's terrible fate 15:5-9

4. Warnings in view of Judah's hard heart 15:1025:38

A collection of Jeremiah's personal trials and sayings 15:1020:18

The prophet's inner struggles and Yahweh's responses 15:10-21

The special conditions of Jeremiah's life 16:1-13

Future blessings following imminent judgment 16:14-21

Judah's indelible sin and sin's deceitfulness 17:1-18

The importance of Sabbath observance 17:19-27

The lesson of the potter's vessel 18:1-12

Israel's unnatural behavior and its consequences 18:13-17

Jeremiah's reaction to a plot against his life 18:18-23

The broken jar object lesson 19:120:6

Jeremiah's struggle with his calling 20:7-13

Jeremiah's deep despair 20:14-18

A collection of Jeremiah's denunciations of Judah's kings and false prophets chs. 2123

Zedekiah's request and Jeremiah's response 21:1-10

Messages about the duties of the kings of Judah 21:1122:9

A prophecy about King Jehoahaz (Shallum) 22:10-12

A prophecy about King Jehoiakim 22:13-19

An oracle of Jerusalem's doom 22:20-23

Prophecies about King Jehoiachin (Coniah) 22:24-30

Promises about the future of the Davidic line and the people 23:1-8

Prophecies about false prophets 23:9-40

A collection of burdens on many nations chs. 2425

The two baskets of figs ch. 24

The length of the exile and Babylon's fate 25:1-14

Yahweh's cup of wrath for the nations 25:15-29

Universal judgment to come 25:30-38

B. Controversies concerning false prophets chs. 2629

1. Conflict with the people ch. 26

2. Conflict with the false prophets in Jerusalem chs. 2728

Jeremiah's warning against making a coalition to resist Nebuchadnezzar ch. 27

Jeremiah's warning to the foreign messengers 27:1-11

Jeremiah's appeal to King Zedekiah 27:12-15

Jeremiah's appeal to the priests and people of Jerusalem 27:16-22

Jeremiah's conflict with Hananiah ch. 28

3. Conflict with the false prophets in exile ch. 29

Jeremiah's first letter to the exiles 29:1-23

Jeremiah's letter to Shemaiah in Babylon 29:24-28

Jeremiah's second letter to the exiles 29:29-32

C. The Book of Consolation chs. 3033

1. The restoration of all Israel chs. 3031

The superscription 30:1-3

Jacob's distress and deliverance 30:4-11

The healing of Zion's incurable wounds 30:12-17

The restoration of Jacob 30:18-22

The divine judgment 30:2331:1

Israel rebuilt and planted by a loving God 31:2-6

Israel's homecoming 31:7-14

The end of Rachel's mourning 31:15-22

The regathering of Judah 31:23-26

Future fruitfulness 31:27-30

The New Covenant 31:31-34

Permanent restoration 31:35-37

The new Jerusalem 31:38-40

2. The restoration of Judah and Jerusalem chs. 3233

A challenge to Jeremiah's faith ch. 32

Jeremiah's purchase of land 32:1-15

Jeremiah's prayer 32:16-25

Yahweh's reply to Jeremiah's prayer 32:26-44

The restoration of Jerusalem and Judah confirmed 33:1-13

The restoration of David's dynasty and the legitimate priesthood 33:14-26

D. Incidents surrounding the fall of Jerusalem chs. 3445

1. Incidents before the fall of Jerusalem chs. 3436

The announcement of Zedekiah's fate 34:1-7

Treachery against servants 34:8-22

The lesson of the Rechabites ch. 35

The meeting with the Rechabites 35:1-11

The rebuke of the Judahites 35:12-17

The promise to the Rechabites 35:18-19

Jeremiah's scroll ch. 36

Its writing 36:1-8

Its reading 36:9-20

Its burning 36:21-26

Its rewriting 36:27-32

2. Incidents during the fall of Jerusalem chs. 3739

Zedekiah's prayer request and its answer 37:1-10

The historical situation 37:1-5

The Lord's message to Zedekiah 37:6-10

Jeremiah's arrest and imprisonment 37:11-21

The reason for his arrest and imprisonment 37:11-16

The consequences of his arrest and imprisonment 37:17-21

Zedekiah's last dealings with Jeremiah ch. 38

The plot to arrest Jeremiah 38:1-6

Jeremiah's rescue from the cistern 38:7-13

Zedekiah's last interview with Jeremiah 38:14-28

The fall of Jerusalem 39:1-10

The first account of Jeremiah's release 39:11-14

The Lord's blessing of Ebed-melech 39:15-18

3. Incidents after the fall of Jerusalem chs. 4045

Events in Judah 40:143:7

The second account of Jeremiah's release 40:1-6

Gedaliah's leadership of the surviving community 40:7-12

The assassination of Gedaliah 40:1341:3

Ishmael's further atrocities and Johanan's intervention 41:4-18

The remnant's flight to Egypt 42:143:7

Events in Egypt 43:845:5

Jeremiah's prediction of Nebuchadnezzar's invasion of Egypt 43:8-13

The continuing hardness of God's people ch. 44

Baruch's despair and consolation ch. 45

III. Prophecies about the nations chs. 4651

A. The oracle against Egypt ch. 46

1. Egypt's defeat in Syria 46:1-12

2. Egypt's defeat in Egypt 46:13-24

3. Egypt's defeat and Israel's deliverance 46:25-28

B. The oracle against the Philistines ch. 47

C. The oracle against Moab ch. 48

1. The destruction of Moab 48:1-10

2. The complacency of Moab 48:11-17

3. The catastrophe of Moab 48:18-28

4. The pride of Moab 48:29-39

5. The end of Moab 48:40-47

D. The oracle against Ammon 49:1-6

E. The oracle against Edom 49:7-22

F. The oracle against Damascus 49:23-27

G. The oracle against the Arab tribes 49:28-33

H. The oracle against Elam 49:34-39

I. The oracle against Babylon chs. 5051

1. An overview of Babylon's future 50:1-10

2. The fall of Babylon 50:11-16

3. The restoration of Israel 50:17-20

4. Divine vengeance on Babylon 50:21-28

5. Human arrogance in Babylon 50:29-32

6. Israel's future redemption 50:33-40

7. Babylon's agony 50:41-46

8. The certainty of Babylon's judgment 51:1-14

9. Yahweh's sovereignty over Babylon 51:15-19

10. Babylon's destroyer 51:20-26

11. God's instruments of Babylon's destruction 51:27-33

12. Judah's complaint against Babylon 51:34-40

13. Babylon's fate 51:41-48

14. A call to flee from Babylon 51:49-53

15. The justice of Babylon's judgment 51:54-58

16. Babylon's fall dramatized 51:59-64

IV. Conclusion ch. 52

A. The fall of Jerusalem and the capture of Zedekiah 52:1-16

B. The sacking of the temple 52:17-23

C. The numbers deported to Babylon 52:24-30

D. The release of Jehoiachin from prison 52:31-34

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