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Title and writer

Historical Background and Date

Audience and purpose


Genre and interpretation





I. Introduction chs. 15

A. Israel's condition and God's solution ch. 1

1. The title of the book 1:1

2. Israel's condition 1:2-9

3. God's solution 1:10-20

Ritual contrasted with reality 1:10-17

The wisdom of obeying God 1:18-20

4. Israel's response 1:21-31

The depth of Judah's apostasy 1:21-23

The announcement of judgment 1:24-26

The fate of the wicked 1:27-31

B. The problem with Israel chs. 24

1. God's desire for Israel 2:1-4

2. God's discipline of Israel 2:54:1

The results of trusting in people 2:5-22

The prophet's first exhortation 2:5

The cause of the problem: self-sufficiency 2:6-9

The effect of the problem: humiliation 2:10-21

The prophet's second exhortation 2:22

The folly of trusting in people 3:14:1

The dearth of leadership 3:1-15

The death of liberty 3:164:1

3. God's determination for Israel 4:2-6

C. The analogy of wild grapes ch. 5

1. The song of the vineyard 5:1-7

2. The wildness of the grapes 5:8-25

Sins of the upwardly mobile 5:8-17

Two initial woes 5:8-12

The first explanation for the coming judgment 5:13-17

Sins of the cynically unbelieving 5:18-25

Four additional woes 5:18-23

The second explanation for the coming judgment 5:24-25

3. The coming destruction 5:26-30

II. Isaiah's vision of God ch. 6

A. The prophet's cleansing 6:1-8

B. The prophet's commission 6:9-13

III. Israel's crisis of faith chs. 739

A. The choice between trusting God or Assyria chs. 712

1. Signs of God's presence 7:19:7

The command to trust God 7:1-9

Ahaz and Judah's test 7:108:10

The sign of Immanuel 7:10-17

The threat of Assyria 7:18-25

The sign of Maher-shalal-hash-baz 8:1-4

The danger of Assyria 8:5-10

Clarification of the issue 8:119:7

The importance of listening to God 8:119:1

The faithful king to come 9:2-7

2. Measurement by God's standard 9:810:4

The pride of Ephraim 9:8-12

The corruption of Ephraim's leaders 9:13-17

The selfishness of everyone 9:18-21

The oppression of the helpless 10:1-4

3. Hope of God's deliverance 10:511:16

The destruction of the destroyer 10:5-34

The instrument of destruction 10:5-11

The object of destruction 10:12-19

The promise of restoration 10:20-27

A description of Assyria's attack and judgment 10:28-34

Deliverance from Jesse's Shoot ch. 11

The rule of the Shoot 11:1-9

The return under the Shoot 11:10-16

4. Trust in God's favor ch. 12

B. God's sovereignty over the nations chs. 1335

1. Divine judgments on the nations chs. 1323

The first series of five oracles chs. 1320

The first oracle against Babylon 13:114:27

The oracle against Philistia 14:28-32

The oracle against Moab chs. 1516

The oracle against Damascus and Ephraim chs. 1718

The oracle against Egypt chs. 1920

The second series of five oracles chs. 2123

The second oracle against Babylon 21:1-10

The oracle against Edom 21:11-12

The oracle against Arabia 21:13-17

The oracle against Jerusalem ch. 22

The oracle against Tyre ch. 23

2. Divine victory over the nations chs. 2427

The preservation of God's people within a world under divine judgment 24:1-20

Coming worldwide judgment 24:1-6

The effects of the coming judgment 24:7-20

The coming King 24:21-23

The world rejoicing in Messiah's reign ch. 25

Pilgrims on the march 25:1-5

The coming great banquet 25:6-8

The great joy to come 25:9-12

The future rejoicing of God's people ch. 26

A song 26:1-6

A prayer 26:7-19

A warning 26:20-21

The future regathering of God's people ch. 27

The defeat of Israel's enemies 27:1

The future blessing and former discipline of Israel 27:2-11

The gathering of Jewish and Gentile believers 27:12-13

3. The folly of trusting the nations chs. 2833

The woe against Ephraim and Judah ch. 28

The folly of Israel's leaders 28:1-6

The folly of Judah's leaders 28:7-22

A call for repentance 28:23-29

Two woes against Jerusalem ch. 29

Judah's religious hypocrisy 29:1-4

Restoration following judgment 29:5-8

The reason for coming judgment 29:9-14

The remedy for spiritual blindness 29:15-24

The woe against rebellion by God's children ch. 30

The folly of seeking help from Egypt 30:1-7

Punishment for trusting in Egypt 30:8-17

Distant restoration in spite of unfaithfulness 30:18-26

Imminent restoration in spite of unfaithfulness 30:27-33

The woe against rejecters of God's help chs. 3132

Imminent disaster and later deliverance 31:1-5

Another call for repentance 31:6-9

Coming deliverance in the future 32:1-8

An appeal to Judah's women to repent 32:9-18

A summary of coming blasting and blessing 32:19-20

The woe against destroyers of God's people ch. 33

The hope of the Judahites 33:1-6

Judah's lament and Yahweh's response 33:7-12

The people of Zion 33:13-16

The King of Zion 33:17-24

4. The consequences of Israel's trust chs. 3435

Yahweh's day of judgment ch. 34

Universal judgments 34:1-4

Edom as an example 34:5-17

Yahweh's day of blessing ch. 35

C. The tests of Israel's trust chs. 3639

1. The Assyrian threat chs. 3637

The Rabshakeh's challenge 36:137:7

An ultimatum 36:1-20

The response to the ultimatum 36:2137:7

King Hezekiah's challenge 37:8-35

The royal letter 37:8-13

The response to the letter 37:14-35

The Lord's deliverance 37:36-38

2. The Babylonian threat chs. 3839

Hezekiah's illness 38:1-8

Hezekiah's record of his crisis 38:9-22

The Babylonian envoys ch. 39

IV. Israel's calling in the world chs. 4055

A. God's grace to Israel chs. 4048

1. The Lord of the servant ch. 40

The comforting Lord 40:1-11

God's intention for Israel 40:1-2

Divine intervention 40:3-5

Human inability 40:6-8

Worldwide blessing 40:9-11

The incomparable Lord 40:12-26

The incomparable Creator 40:12-20

The incomparable Sovereign 40:21-26

The dependable Lord 40:27-31

2. The servants of the Lord 41:144:22

God's promises to His servants 41:142:9

Fear of the future 41:1-20

The Creator of history 41:21-29

The greatest Servant of the Lord 42:1-9

God's purposes for His servants 42:1044:22

The certainty of redemption 42:1043:7

The witness to redemption 43:844:20

The memory of redemption 44:21-22

3. The Lord's redemption of His servant 44:2347:15

The announcement of redemption 44:23-28

The instrument of redemption 45:1-13

God's promise to Cyrus 45:1-8

God's right to do as He pleases 45:9-13

The God of redemption 45:1446:13

God as Savior 45:14-19

God and idols 45:2046:7

God as righteous 46:8-13

The nation to be judged ch. 47

A call to Babylon 47:1-4

The sins of Babylon 47:5-11

The doom of Babylon 47:12-15

4. The servant's attention to her Lord ch. 48

The former failure 48:1-11

Israel's inveterate unbelief 48:1-5

Israel's need for faith 48:6-11

The present possibility 48:12-22

God's trustworthiness 48:12-16

God's will for the exiles 48:17-22

B. God's atonement for Israel chs. 4955

1. Anticipation of salvation 49:152:12

Comfort through the Servant 49:1-13

The Servant's calling 49:1-7

The Servant's ministry 49:8-13

God's remembrance of Zion 49:1450:3

Zion's prominence before God 49:14-26

God's will and power to deliver 50:1-3

The Servant's confidence 50:4-9

Obedience to the Servant 50:1051:8

Walking in light or darkness 50:10-11

Listening to the Servant 51:1-8

Awakening to deliverance 51:952:12

The Lord's arm 51:9-16

Drunken Jerusalem 51:17-23

Released Zion 52:1-12

2. Announcement of salvation 52:1353:12

The Servant exalted 52:13-15

The Servant despised 53:1-3

The Servant wounded 53:4-6

The Servant cast off 53:7-9

The Servant satisfied 53:10-12

3. Invitation to salvation chs. 5455

Yahweh's everlasting love ch. 54

The restored wife 54:1-10

The rebuilt city 54:11-17

Yahweh's gracious invitation ch. 55

Free salvation 55:1-5

Transforming salvation 55:6-13

V. Israel's future transformation chs. 5666

A. Recognition of human inability chs. 5659

1. The need for humility and holiness chs. 5657

The basis of acceptance and blessing 56:1-8

The basis of rejection and cursing 56:957:13

Wicked leadership 56:957:2

Rampant apostasy 57:3-13

The divine enablement 57:14-21

2. The relationship of righteousness and ritual chs. 5859

What God wants ch. 58

False worship 58:1-5

True worship 58:6-14

What Israel did 59:1-15a

Isaiah's evidence 59:1-8

Israel's confession 59:9-15a

What God would do 59:15b-21

B. Revelation of future glory chs. 6062

1. Israel among the nations ch. 60

The nations drawn to Israel 60:1-9

The nations serving Israel 60:10-16

Contrasts with the present 60:17-22

2. Israel under the Lord chs. 6162

The mission of the Anointed One 61:1-3

The benefits of the mission of the Anointed One 61:4-11

The certainty of these benefits 62:1-9

The need for faith 62:10-12

C. Recognition of divine ability chs. 6366

1. God's faithfulness in spite of Israel's unfaithfulness 63:165:16

The solitary Warrior 63:1-6

The delayed salvation 63:764:12

The reminiscence 63:7-14

The complaint 63:15-19

The confession 64:1-7

The appeal 64:8-12

The divine response 65:1-16

Superficial righteousness 65:1-7

Consistent faithfulness 65:8-16

2. The culmination of Israel's future 65:1766:24

New heavens and a new earth 65:17-25

Humility rather than sacrifice 66:1-6

The future glories of Jerusalem 66:7-14

Worship or destruction 66:15-24


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