Table of Contents















I. The culminating revelation of God chs. 12

A. The Agent of God's Final Revelation 1:1-4

B. The Superiority of God's Son 1:5-14

C. The Danger of Negligence (The First Warning) 2:1-4

D. The Humiliation and Glory of God's Son 2:5-9

E. The Son's Solidarity with Humanity 2:10-18

II. The High Priestly Character of the Son 3:15:10

A. The Faithfulness of the Son 3:1-6

B. The Danger of Disbelief (The Second Warning) 3:7-19

C. The Possibility of Rest for God's People 4:1-14

D. The Compassion of the Son 4:155:10

III. The High Priestly Office of the Son 5:1110:39

A. The Danger of Immaturity (The Third Warning) 5:116:12

1. The readers' condition 5:11-14

2. The needed remedy 6:1-3

3. The dreadful alternative 6:4-8

4. The encouraging prospect 6:9-12

B. The Basis for Confidence and Steadfastness 6:13-20

C. The Son's High Priestly Ministry 7:110:18

1. The person of our high priest ch. 7

The significance of Melchizedek 7:1-10

The particulars of Melchizedek's significance 7:1-3

The exposition of Melchizedek's significance 7:4-10

The superior priesthood of Jesus 7:11-25

The imperfection of the Levitical priesthood and the Mosaic Law 7:11-14

The need for a better replacement 7:15-19

The inviolability of God's oath 7:20-22

The mortality of the Levitical priests 7:23-25

The summary conclusion concerning Christ's superiority as a person 7:26-28

2. The work of our high priest chs. 89

The new ministry and covenant ch. 8

Christ's better ministry 8:1-5

The better covenant 8:6-13

The heavenly sanctuary 9:1-10

The final purging of sin 9:11-28

The superior priestly ministry 9:11-15

The superior sacrifice for sin 9:16-28

3. The accomplishment of our high priest 10:1-18

D. The Danger of Willful Sinning (The Fourth Warning) 10:19-39

1. The threefold admonition 10:19-25

2. The warning of judgment 10:26-31

3. The encouragement to persevere 10:32-39


A. Perseverance in Faith ch. 11

1. Faith in the Antediluvian Era 11:1-7

2. Faith in the Patriarchal Era 11:8-22

3. Faith in the Mosaic Era 11:23-31

4. Faith in subsequent eras 11:32-40

B. Demonstrating Necessary Endurance 12:1-13

1. The example of Jesus 12:1-3

2. The proper view of trials 12:4-11

3. The need for greater strength 12:12-13

V. Life in a Hostile World 12:1413:25

A. The Danger of Unresponsiveness (the Fifth Warning) 12:14-29

1. The goal of peace 12:14-17

2. The superiority of the New Covenant 12:18-24

3. The consequences of apostasy 12:25-29

B. Life within the Church ch. 13

1. Pastoral reminders 13:1-21

Instructions regarding morality 13:1-6

Instructions regarding religious duties 13:7-19

Doxology 13:20-21

2. Personal Explanations 13:22-25