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A. The founding of the church 1:12:47

1. The resumptive preface to the book 1:1-5

2. The command to witness 1:6-8

3. The ascension of Jesus 1:9-11

4. Jesus' appointment of a twelfth apostle 1:12-26

The disciples' spiritual preparation 1:12-14

The choice of Matthias 1:15-26

5. The birth of the church 2:1-41

The descent of the Spirit 2:1-4

The amazement of the onlookers 2:5-13

Peter's Pentecost sermon 2:14-41

Peter's defense 2:14-21

Peter's proclamation 2:22-36

Peter's exhortation 2:37-41

6. The early state of the church 2:42-47

B. The expansion of the church in Jerusalem 3:16:7

1. External opposition 3:14:31

The healing of a lame man 3:1-10

Peter's address in Solomon's colonnade 3:11-26

The setting of the sermon 3:11

Peter's proclamation 3:12-16

Peter's exhortation 3:17-26

The arrest of Peter and John 4:1-4

Peter's explanation before the Sanhedrin 4:5-12

The Sanhedrin's response 4:13-22

The church's reaction 4:23-31

2. Internal compromise 4:325:11

The unity of the church 4:32-35

The generosity of Barnabas 4:36-37

The hypocrisy of Ananias and Sapphira 5:1-11

The death of Ananias 5:1-6

The death of Sapphira 5:7-11

3. Intensified external opposition 5:12-42

The expanding influence of the apostles 5:12-16

The apostles' appearance before the Sanhedrin 5:17-33

Gamaliel's wise counsel 5:34-40

The response of the apostles 5:41-42

4. Internal conflict 6:1-7


A. The martyrdom of Stephen 6:88:1a

1. Stephen's arrest 6:87:1

2. Stephen's address 7:2-53

Stephen's view of God 7:2-16

The Abrahamic Covenant 7:2-8

God's faithfulness to His people 7:9-16

Stephen's view of Moses and the Law 7:17-43

The career of Moses 7:17-36

The teaching of Moses 7:37-43

Stephen's view of the temple 7:44-50

Stephen's accusation 7:51-53

3. Stephen's death 7:548:1a

B. The ministry of Philip 8:1b-40

1. The evangelization of Samaria 8:1b-25

The dispersion of the witnesses 8:1b-3

Philip's evangelization of Samaria 8:4-8

Simon the Sorcerer's conversion 8:9-13

Compromise in the Samaritan church 8:14-24

Evangelism elsewhere in Samaria 8:25

2. Philip's ministry to the Ethiopian eunuch 8:26-40

C. The mission of Saul 9:1-31

1. Saul's conversion and calling 9:1-19a

Saul's conversion on the Damascus road 9:1-9

Saul's calling from the Lord 9:10-19a

2. Saul's initial conflicts 9:19b-30

Saul's preaching in Damascus 9:19b-22

Saul's escape from Damascus 9:23-25

Saul's reception in Jerusalem 9:26-30

3. The church at peace 9:31


A. The extension of the church to Syrian Antioch 9:3212:24

1. Peter's ministry in Lydda and Joppa 9:32-43

The healing of Aeneas at Lydda 9:32-35

The raising of Tabitha at Joppa 9:36-43

2. The conversion of Cornelius 10:111:18

Cornelius' vision 10:1-8

Peter's vision 10:9-16

The invitation from Cornelius' messengers 10:17-23a

Peter's visit to Cornelius 10:23b-33

Peter's message to Cornelius 10:34-43

The giving of the Holy Spirit to Gentiles 10:44-48

The response of the Jerusalem church 11:1-18

Criticism of Peter's conduct 11:1-3

Peter's defense of his conduct 11:4-17

The verdict of Peter's critics 11:18

3. The initiatives of the Antioch church 11:19-30

The spiritual initiative of the Antioch church 11:19-26

The material initiative of the Antioch church 11:27-30

4. The persecution of the Jerusalem church 12:1-24

The supernatural deliverance of Peter 12:1-19

The supernatural death of Herod Agrippa I 12:20-23

The continuing growth of the church 12:24

B. The extension of the church to Cyprus and Asia Minor 12:2516:5

1. The divine appointment of Barnabas and Saul 12:2513:3

2. The mission to Cyprus 13:4-12

3. The mission to Asia Minor 13:1314:21a

Arrival in Pamphylia 13:13

Ministry in Antioch of Pisidia 13:14-52

The visit to the synagogue in Antioch of Pisidia 13:14-15

Paul's synagogue sermon in Antioch of Pisidia 13:16-41

The consequences of Paul's message 13:42-52

Ministry in Iconium 14:1-7

Ministry in Lystra 14:8-20a

Ministry at Derbe 14:20b-21a

4. Paul and Barnabas' return to Antioch of Syria 14:21b-28

5. The Jerusalem Council 15:1-35

Paul and Barnabas' return to Jerusalem 15:1-5

Peter's testimony 15:6-11

Barnabas and Paul's testimony 15:12

James' testimony 15:13-21

The official formulation of the decision 15:22-29

The delivery of the decision to Antioch 15:30-35

6. The strengthening of the Gentile churches 15:3616:5

The beginning of Paul's second missionary journey 15:36-41

The churches of Galatia 16:1-5

C. The extension of the church to the Aegean shores 16:619:20

1. The call to Macedonia 16:6-10

2. The ministry in Macedonia 16:1117:15

Ministry in Philippi 16:11-40

Ministry in Thessalonica 17:1-9

Ministry in Berea 17:10-15

3. The ministry in Achaia 17:1618:17

Ministry in Athens 17:16-34

Paul's preliminary ministry in Athens 17:16-21

Paul's sermon to the Athenians 17:22-31

The response to Paul's preaching 17:32-34

Ministry in Corinth 18:1-17

Paul's arrival in Corinth 18:1-4

Paul's year and a half ministry in Corinth 18:5-11

Paul's appearance before Gallio 18:12-17

4. The beginning of ministry in Asia 18:18-22

5. The results of ministry in Asia 18:2319:20

The beginning of Paul's third missionary journey 18:23

The ministry of Apollos 18:24-28

Paul's ministry in Ephesus 19:1-20

The disciples of John the Baptist 19:1-7

Paul's general approach to ministry in Ephesus 19:8-12

The seven sons of Sceva 19:13-20

D. The extension of the church to Rome 19:2128:31

1. Ministry on the way to Jerusalem 19:2121:16

Paul's plans 19:21-22

The riot in Ephesus 19:23-41

Paul's visit to Macedonia and Achaia 20:1-6

Paul's raising of Eutychus in Troas 20:7-12

The journey from Troas to Miletus 20:13-16

Paul's address to the Ephesian elders 20:17-35

Paul's departure from Miletus 20:36-38

The trip from Miletus to Tyre 21:1-6

Paul's advance to Caesarea 21:7-14

The last stage of Paul's trip to Jerusalem 21:15-16

2. Ministry in Jerusalem 21:1723:32

The advice of James and the elders 21:17-26

The riot in the temple 21:27-36

Paul's defense before the Jewish mob 21:3722:22

Paul's request to address the people 21:37-40

Paul's speech in his defense 22:1-21

The Jews' response 22:22

Paul's defense before Claudius Lysias 22:23-29

Paul's defense before the Sanhedrin 22:3023:10

The Lord's encouragement of Paul 23:11

The Jews' plot to kill Paul 23:12-24

Lysias' letter to Felix 23:25-30

Paul's trip back to Caesarea 23:31-32

3. Ministry in Caesarea 23:3326:32

Paul's introduction to Felix 23:33-35

Paul's defense before Felix ch. 24

The presentation of charges against Paul 24:1-9

Paul's defense before Felix 24:10-21

The conclusion of Paul's hearing 24:22-23

Paul's subsequent ministry to Felix 24:24-27

Paul's defense before Festus 25:1-12

Festus' visit to Jerusalem 25:1-5

Paul's hearing before Festus and the Jewish leaders in Caesarea 25:6-12

Herod Agrippa II's visit to Festus 25:13-22

Paul's defense before Agrippa 25:2326:32

The preliminaries of the hearing 25:23-27

Paul's speech to the dignitaries 26:1-23

Paul's appeal to Agrippa 26:24-29

The verdict of Agrippa 26:30-32

4. Ministry on the way to Rome 27:128:15

The voyage from Caesarea to Crete 27:1-8

The storm at sea 27:9-26

The shipwreck 27:27-44

Paul's preservation on Malta 28:1-6

The healing of Publius' father 28:7-10

The trip from Malta to Rome 28:11-15

5. Ministry in Rome 28:16-31

Paul's situation in Rome 28:16

Paul's first conference with the Roman Jewish leaders 28:17-22

Paul's second conference with the Jewish leaders 28:23-29

Gentile response to the gospel 28:30-31

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