Table of Contents



Historical Background





I. Introduction: the purpose of the epistle 1:1-4

II. Living in the light of fellowship with God 1:52:11

A. Staying on the Path by Walking in God's Light 1:52:2

B. Reaching the Goal by Knowing the God of Light 2:3-11

III. Resisting enemies 2:12-27

A. Appreciating Spiritual Advances 2:12-14

B. Recognizing Spiritual Adversaries 2:15-27

1. Overcoming the World 2:15-17

2. Resisting the Antichrists 2:18-27

A sign of the end 2:18-19

A sign of the believer 2:20-23

A sign of living in the light 2:24-25

The importance of keeping the faith 2:26-27

IV. Living in Anticipation of Christ's Judgment Seat 2:284:19

A. Abiding to Face Christ Confidently 2:28

B. Learning to Recognize God's Children 2:293:10a

C. Learning to Recognize Christian Love 3:10b-23

1. What Love Is Not 3:10b-15

2. What Love Is 3:16-18

3. What Love Does for Believers 3:19-23

D. Learning to Recognize the God of Love 3:244:16

1. God's Indwelling Affirmed 3:24

2. God's Spirit Recognized 4:1-6

3. God's Indwelling Recognized 4:7-16

The source of love 4:7-10

The inspiration of love 4:11-16

E. Having Boldness at Christ's Judgment Seat 4:17-19

V. Learning how to live obediently 4:205:17

A. The Meaning of Brotherly Love 4:205:3a

B. The Empowerment of Brotherly Love 5:3b-15

C. The Consequences of Brotherly Love 5:16-17

VI. Christian Certainties 5:18-21