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I. Experiences of the older generation in the wilderness chs. 125

A. Preparations for entering the Promised Land from the south chs. 110

1. The first census and the organization of the people chs. 14

The muster of the tribes except Levi ch. 1

The placement of the tribes ch. 2

The placement and number of the Levites and firstborn of Israel ch. 3

The number of Levites in tabernacle service ch. 4

2. Commands and rituals to observe in preparation for entering the land chs. 59

Holiness among the people chs. 56

The purity of the camp 5:1-4

Treachery against others and God 5:5-10

The law of jealousy 5:11-31

The Nazirite vow 6:1-21

The Aaronic benediction 6:22-27

The dedication of the tabernacle chs. 79

The offerings at the dedication ch. 7

The lighting of the lamps 8:1-4

The consecration of the Levites 8:5-26

The Passover at Sinai and instructions for a supplementary Passover 9:1-14

The covering cloud 9:15-23

3. The departure from Sinai ch. 10

The two silver trumpets 10:1-10

The journey from Sinai to Kadesh Barnea 10:11-36

B. The rebellion and judgment of the unbelieving generation chs. 1125

1. The cycle of rebellion, atonement, and death chs. 1120

Further events on the way to Kadesh Barnea chs. 1112

A warning from the Lord 11:1-3

God's provision of manna and His Spirit 11:4-35

The rebellion of Miriam and Aaron ch. 12

The failure of the first generation chs. 1314

The sending of the 12 spies into Canaan 13:1-25

The report of the spies 13:26-33

The rebellion of the people 14:1-12

Moses' intercession for the people 14:13-19

God's punishment of the people 14:20-38

The presumption of the people 14:39-45

Laws given during the 38 years of discipline chs. 1519

Regulations concerning offerings and the penalty for defiant sin 15:1-31

The case of the defiant Sabbath-breaker 15:32-36

Visual reminders to keep the law 15:37-41

The rebellion of Korah and his followers ch. 16

The confirmation of Aaron's high-priesthood ch. 17

The service and income of the priests and Levites ch. 18

The law of purification from the uncleanness of death ch. 19

The departure from Kadesh ch. 20

Moses' rebellion at Kadesh 20:1-13

The Edomites' resistance 20:14-21

The death of Aaron and the succession of Eleazar 20:22-29

2. The climax of rebellion, atonement, and the end of dying chs. 2125

The destruction of Arad 21:1-3

The bronze snake 21:4-9

The journey toward Moab 21:10-20

Israel's defeat of Sihon 21:21-32

Israel's defeat of Og 21:33-35

Moab's attempts to curse Israel chs. 2224

Balak's arrangement with Balaam ch. 22

Balaam's seven oracles chs. 2324

Israel's final rebellion and the termination of the older generation ch. 25

II. Prospects of the younger generation in the land chs. 2636

A. Preparations for entering the Promised Land from the east chs. 2632

1. The second census ch. 26

2. provisions and commands to observe in preparation for entering the land chs. 2730

The inheritance of women in the land 27:1-11

Moses' successor 27:12-23

Commands regarding offerings chs. 2829

Commands regarding vows ch. 30

3. Reprisal against the Midianites and the settlement of the Transjordanian tribes chs. 3132

Moses' last campaign ch. 31

The settlement of the transjordanian tribes ch. 32

B. Warning and encouragement of the younger generation chs. 3336

1. Review of Israel's journey from Egypt 33:1-49

2. Anticipation of the promised land 33:5036:13

Instructions to drive out the Canaanites 33:50-56

A preview of the land ch. 34

The borders of the land 34:1-15

The leaders responsible for dividing the land 34:16-29

Special cities in the land ch. 35

Levitical cities 35:1-8

Cities of refuge 35:9-34

A review of the inheritance of women ch. 36