Table of Contents



Title and Position

Writer and Date

Place of Composition


Structure and Genre





I. The destruction and misery of Jerusalem (the first lament) ch. 1

A. An observer's sorrow over Jerusalem's condition 1:1-11

1. The extent of the devastation 1:1-7

2. The cause of the desolation 1:8-11

B. Jerusalem's sorrow over her own condition 1:12-22

1. Jerusalem's call to onlookers 1:12-19

2. Jerusalem's call to the Lord 1:20-22

II. The divine punishment of Jerusalem (the second lament) ch. 2

A. God's anger 2:1-10

B. Jeremiah's grief 2:11-19

C. Jerusalem's plea 2:20-22

III. The prophet's response to divine judgment (the third lament) ch. 3

A. Jeremiah's sorrows 3:1-18

B. Jeremiah's hope 3:19-40

C. Jeremiah's prayer 3:40-66

1. A recollection of past sins 3:40-47

2. A recollection of past deliverance 3:48-66

IV. The anger of Yahweh (the fourth lament) ch. 4

A. Conditions during the siege 4:1-11

1. The first description of siege conditions 4:1-6

2. The second description of siege conditions 4:7-11

B. Causes of the siege 4:11-20

C. Hope following the siege 4:21-22

V. The response of the godly (the fifth lament) ch. 5

A. A plea to Yahweh for remembrance 5:1-18

B. A plea to Yahweh for restoration 5:19-22