Table of Contents



Title and Writer



Place of Composition

Audience and Purpose

Literary form

Distinctive features




I. Heading 1:1

II. Habakkuk's questions and Yahweh's answers 1:22:20

A. Habakkuk's question about Judah 1:2-4

B. Yahweh's answer about Judah 1:5-11

C. Habakkuk's question about Babylonia 1:12-17

D. Yahweh's answer about Babylon ch. 2

1. The introduction to the answer 2:1-3

2. The Lord's indictment of Babylon 2:4-5

3. The Lord's sentence on Babylon 2:6-20

Judgment for exploitation 2:6-8

Judgment for self-exaltation 2:9-11

Judgment for oppression 2:12-14

Judgment for rapacity 2:15-17

Judgment for idolatry 2:18-20

III. Habakkuk's hymn in praise of Yahweh ch. 3

A. The introduction to the hymn 3:1

B. The prayer for revival 3:2

C. The vision of God 3:3-15

1. Yahweh's awesome appearance 3:3-7

2. Yahweh's angry actions 3:8-15

D. The commitment to faith 3:16-19a

E. The concluding musical notation 3:19b