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I. Ezekiel's calling and commission chs. 13

A. The vision of God's glory ch. 1

1. The setting of the vision 1:1-3

2. The vision proper 1:4-28

The living beings 1:4-14

The wheels and their movement 1:15-21

The expanse 1:22-28

B. The Lord's charge to Ezekiel chs. 23

1. The recipients of Ezekiel's ministry 2:1-5

2. The encouragement in Ezekiel's ministry 2:6-7

3. The nature of Ezekiel's ministry 2:83:11

4. The conclusion of the vision 3:12-15

5. Ezekiel's role in Israel 3:16-21

6. Ezekiel's muteness 3:22-27

II. Oracles of judgment on Judah and Jerusalem for sin chs. 424

A. Ezekiel's initial warnings chs. 47

1. Dramatizations of the siege of Jerusalem chs. 45

The brick and the plate 4:1-3

Lying on the side 4:4-8

The food 4:9-17

The hair 5:1-4

The interpretation of these acts 5:5-17

2. The judgment coming on Judah chs. 67

The destruction of pagan shrines ch. 6

The destruction of the whole land ch. 7

B. The vision of the departure of Yahweh's glory chs. 811

1. The idolatry of the house of Israel ch. 8

The image of jealousy 8:1-6

The idolatry of the elders 8:7-13

The idolatry of the women 8:14-15

The idolatry of the priests 8:16-18

2. The coming slaughter of the wicked Jerusalemites ch. 9

3. The departure of God's glory from the temple ch. 10

God's preparations to judge the city 10:1-8

God's preparations to depart from the temple 10:9-22

4. The condemnation of Jerusalem's leaders ch. 11

The assurance of judgment on the people of Jerusalem 11:1-13

The assurance of restoration in the future 11:14-21

The departure of God's glory from Jerusalem and the end of Ezekiel's vision 11:22-25

C. Yahweh's reply to the invalid hopes of the Israelites chs. 1219

1. The dramatic tragedy of exile 12:1-20

The sign of the departing deportee 12:1-7

The explanation of the sign of the departing deportee 12:8-16

The sign of the anxious eater 12:17-20

2. The present judgment as evidence of divine faithfulness 12:21-28

The validity of prophecies about Jerusalem's destruction 12:21-25

The imminent fulfillment of prophecies of Jerusalem's destruction 12:26-28

3. The condemnation of contemporary false prophets ch. 13

Condemnation of the male false prophets 13:1-16

The characteristics of these prophets 13:1-7

The reasons for their judgment 13:8-16

Condemnation of the female false prophets 13:17-23

Their practices 13:17-19

Their judgment 13:20-23

4. The effect of false prophets on Israel's leaders 14:1-11

A warning to the elders of God's people 14:1-5

A warning to all God's people 14:6-11

5. The need of personal righteousness for deliverance 14:12-23

6. The unprofitable vine of Jerusalem ch. 15

7. Jerusalem's history as a prostitute ch. 16

The birth of Jerusalem 16:1-5

The youth of Jerusalem 16:6-14

The prostitution of Jerusalem 16:15-34

The judgment of Jerusalem 16:35-43

The depravity of Jerusalem 16:44-59

The restoration of Jerusalem 16:60-63

8. The riddle and parable of the two eagles ch. 17

The riddle 17:1-10

The explanation of the riddle 17:11-21

The historical interpretation of the riddle 17:11-18

The theological interpretation of the historical events 17:19-21

The theological epilogue to the riddle 17:22-24

9. The importance of individual righteousness ch. 18

The principle 18:1-4

The illustrations 18:5-18

The case of the righteous father 18:5-9

The case of the wicked son 18:10-13

The case of the righteous grandson 18:14-18

The first objection: God's conduct 18:19-23

The second objection: God's justice 18:24-29

The appeal 18:30-32

10. A lament for the kings of Israel ch. 19

The lion and her cubs 19:1-9

The vine and its branch 19:10-14

D. Israel's defective leadership chs. 2023

1. The history of Israel's rebellion and Yahweh's grace 20:1-44

The introduction to a history lesson 20:1-4

Israel's rebellion in Egypt and God's grace 20:5-9

Israel's rebellion in the wilderness and God's grace 20:10-26

Israel's rebellion in the Promised Land and God's grace 20:27-29

Israel's rebellion in Ezekiel's day and God's grace 20:30-38

An application of this history lesson 20:39-44

2. Judgment of Judah's contemporary leaders 20:4521:32

The parable of the forest fire 20:4521:7

The parable itself 20:45-49

The interpretation of the parable 21:1-7

The song of the sword 21:8-17

The model of the map 21:18-27

The message concerning Ammon's fate 21:28-32

3. The idolatrous rulers of Judah ch. 22

Covenant unfaithfulness 22:1-16

Coming refining 22:17-22

Corrupt leaders 22:23-31

4. The parable of the two sisters ch. 23

Israel's lustful youth 23:1-4

Samaria's prostitution 23:5-10

Jerusalem's prostitution 23:11-21

Jerusalem's judgment for prostitution 23:22-35

A summary judgment for Israel's unfaithfulness 23:36-49

E. The execution of Jerusalem's judgment ch. 24

1. The parable of the cooking pot 24:1-14

The background to the parable 24:1-3a

The parable itself 24:3b-5

The reasons for Jerusalem's present judgment 24:6-8

The results of Jerusalem's present judgment 24:9-13

The guarantee of Jerusalem's present judgment 24:14

2. Signs to the exiles 24:15-27

The sign of the death of Ezekiel's wife 24:15-24

The sign of Ezekiel's silence 24:25-27

III. Oracles against foreign nations chs. 2532

A. Oracles against Judah's closest neighbors ch. 25

1. Judgment on Ammon 25:1-7

2. Judgment on Moab 25:8-11

3. Judgment on Edom 25:12-14

4. Judgment on Philistia 25:15-17

B. Judgment on Tyre 26:128:19

1. Judgment by Babylonia and other enemies ch. 26

A general prophecy of Tyre's destruction 26:1-6

The first "wave" of judgment 26:7-14

The effect on Tyre's allies 26:15-18

The demise of Tyre illustrated 26:19-21

2. A funeral dirge over Tyre ch. 27

The great ship Tyre 27:1-11

The extent of Tyre's commercial empire 27:12-24

The sinking of the great ship 27:25-36

3. A judgment speech against the ruler of Tyre 28:1-10

4. A funeral dirge for the king of Tyre 28:11-19

C. Judgment on Sidon 28:20-24

D. Israel's restoration from the nations 28:25-26

E. Judgment on Egypt chs. 2932

1. An introductory prophecy of judgment on Egypt 29:1-16

2. The consummation of Egypt's judgment 29:17-21

3. The destruction of Egypt and her allies 30:1-19

4. Pharaoh's broken arm 30:20-26

5. Egypt's fall compared to Assyria's fall ch. 31

A poem extolling Assyria's glory 31:1-9

The felling of Assyria 31:10-14

The end of Assyria and the application to Egypt 31:15-18

6. A funeral dirge for Egypt 32:1-16

7. A summary lament over Egypt 32:17-32

IV. Future blessings for Israel chs. 3348

A. A warning to the exiles 33:1-20

1. An exhortation to heed the watchman 33:1-9

2. An exhortation to turn from evil 33:10-20

B. Restoration to the Promised Land 33:2139:29

1. Israel and the Promised Land 33:21-33

The date and setting of these messages 33:21-22

The first message of hope 33:23-33

The attitude of the Jews in Judea 33:23-29

The attitude of the Jews in Babylon 33:30-33

2. False and true shepherds ch. 34

The accusation against Israel's unfaithful rulers 34:1-6

The verdict concerning the leadership of Israel 34:7-10

The Lord's intervention for Israel 34:11-24

The covenant of peace 34:25-31

3. Preparation of the Promised Land 35:136:15

The elimination of claimants to the land ch. 35

The establishment of Israel in the land 36:1-15

4. Restoration to the Promised Land 36:1637:14

The reason for Israel's scattering 36:16-21

The method of Israel's restoration 36:22-32

The results of Israel's return 36:33-38

An illustration of Israel's restoration 37:1-14

5. Reunification in the Promised Land 37:15-28

6. Future invasion of the Promised Land chs. 3839

The enemy of restored Israel 38:1-9

The enemy's intention 38:10-13

The invasion of the enemy from the north 38:14-16

Yahweh's judgment of the enemy 38:17-23

Events following the defeat of the enemy 39:1-16

The ignominious end of the enemy 39:17-24

A summary of God's blessing on Israel 39:25-29

C. Ezekiel's vision of the return of God's glory chs. 4048

1. The setting of the vision of the return of God's glory 40:1-4

2. The millennial temple 40:542:20

The wall 40:5

The outer east gate complex 40:6-16

The outer court 40:17-27

The inner court 40:28-47

The inner gate complexes 40:28-37

The rooms and implements used for preparing sacrifices 40:38-43

The rooms for the singers and priests 40:44-46

The inner court itself 40:47

The temple and its outbuilding 40:4841:26

The temple entrance 40:48-49

The holy place and the most holy place 41:1-4

The side rooms of the temple 41:5-11

The temple outbuilding 41:12

The measurements of the buildings and open spaces 41:13-15

The interior furnishings of the temple 41:16-26

The priests' eating and dressing rooms 42:1-14

The dimensions of the temple enclosure 42:15-20

3. The return of God's glory to the temple 43:1-12

The vision itself 43:1-5

The significance of the vision 43:6-12

4. The temple ordinances 43:1346:24

The altar of sacrifice 43:13-17

The cleansing of the altar 43:18-27

The east gate 44:1-3

The ordinary priests and their service 44:4-14

The Zadokite priests 44:15-31

The sacred district in the Promised Land 45:1-8

Regulations for offerings and feast days 45:946:24

An exhortation to Israel's leaders 45:9-12

Offerings for the prince 45:13-17

Regulations for the feasts 45:18-25

Worship on the Sabbath and new moon days 46:1-8

Worship during the annual feasts 46:9-15

The prince's gifts 46:16-18

The priests' kitchens 46:19-24

5. Topographical aspects of the Millennium chs. 4748

The temple river 47:1-12

The boundaries and principles of allotment of the land 47:1348:35

The boundaries of Israel's Promised Land inheritance 47:13-23

Tribal allotments in the north 48:1-7

The holy allotment 48:8-22

Tribal allotments in the south 48:23-29

The city, its gates, and its name 48:30-35

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