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Themes and characteristics





A. The Change from Barrenness to Fertility 1:12:10

1. Hannah's deliverance ch. 1

The problem 1:1-2

Hannah's barrenness 1:3-8

Hannah's lament and Eli's response 1:9-18

A birth announcement 1:19-20

The parents' thanksgiving 1:21-28a

The beginning of Samuel's worship 1:28b

2. Hannah's song 2:1-10

B. The Contrast between Samuel and Eli's Sons 2:11-36

1. Eli's sons' wickedness 2:11-17

2. Hannah's godly influence on Samuel and its effect 2:18-21

3. Eli's lack of influence on his sons and its effect 2:22-26

4. The oracle against Eli's house 2:27-36

C. God's First Revelation to Samuel 3:14:1a

1. Samuel's call 3:1-18

2. Samuel's ministry 3:194:1a


A. The Capture of the Ark 4:1b-22

1. The battle of Aphek 4:1b-11

2. The response of Eli 4:12-18

3. The response of Phinehas' wife 4:19-22

B. Pagan Fertility Foiled by God ch. 5

C. The Ark Returned to Israel by God 6:17:1

1. The plan to terminate God's judgment 6:1-9

2. The return of the ark to Bethshemesh 6:10-18

3. The removal of the ark to Kiriath-jearim 6:197:1


A. Samuel's Ministry as Israel's Judge 7:2-17

1. Samuel's spiritual leadership 7:2-4

2. National repentance and deliverance 7:5-14

3. Samuel's regular ministry 7:15-17

B. Kingship Given to Saul chs. 812

1. The demand for a king ch. 8

The occasion for requesting a king 8:1-3

The reason for requesting a king 8:4-9

The consequences of requesting a king 8:10-22

2. The anointing of Saul 9:110:16

Saul's background 9:1-2

Saul's personal traits 9:3-14

Saul's introduction to Samuel 9:15-25

Saul's private anointing by Samuel 9:2610:8

God's enablement of Saul 10:9-16

3. The choice of Saul by lot 10:17-27

4. Saul's effective leadership in battle 11:1-11

The Ammonite siege of Jabesh-gilead 11:1-5

Saul's deliverance of Jabesh-gilead 11:6-11

5. The confirmation of Saul as king 11:1212:25

Israel's commitment to Saul 11:12-15

Samuel's second warning to the people ch. 12

Samuel's self-vindication 12:1-5

Samuel's review of God's faithfulness 12:6-12

Samuel's challenge to obey God 12:13-18

Samuel's reassurance of the people 12:19-25

C. Kingship Removed from Saul chs. 1315

1. Saul's disobedience at Gilgal 13:1-15

2. Saul's struggle against the Philistines 13:1614:23

The results of Saul's disobedience 13:16-23

Jonathan's success at Michmash 14:1-23

3. Saul's cursing of Jonathan 14:24-46

Saul's selfishness 14:24-35

Saul's blindness to his guilt 14:36-46

4. Saul's limited effectiveness in battle 14:47-52

5. Yahweh's final rejection of Saul ch. 15

IV. SAUL AND DAVID chs. 1631

A. David's Rise as the New Anointed 16:119:17

1. God's selection of David for kingship ch. 16

David's anointing 16:1-13

David's introduction to the royal court 16:14-23

2. The reason for God's selection of David ch. 17

The Philistine challenge 17:1-11

The reason for David's presence at the battle 17:12-25

David's interest in God's reputation 17:26-30

David's qualifications to fight Goliath 17:31-40

David's victory by faith 17:41-49

The results of David's victory 17:50-58

3. The results of God's selection of David 18:119:17

Jonathan's love for David 18:1-5

David's popularity with the people 18:6-9

Saul's first direct attempt to kill David 18:10-16

Saul's indirect attempts to kill David 18:17-30

Jonathan's attempt to protect David 19:1-7

David's continuing success and Saul's renewed jealousy 19:8-10

Michal's attempt to protect David 19:11-17

B. David Driven out by Saul 19:1820:42

1. God's deliverance in Ramah 19:18-24

2. Jonathan's advocacy for David ch. 20

David's concern for his own safety 20:1-11

Jonathan and David's long-range covenant 20:12-17

The plan for communicating Saul's intentions to David 20:18-23

Saul's anger over David's absence 20:24-34

David's final departure from Gibeah 20:35-42

C. David in Exile chs. 2131

1. David's initial movements chs. 2122

David's flight to Nob 21:1-9

David's flight to Gath 21:10-15

David's flight to Adullam 22:1-2

David's flight to Moab 22:3-4

David's flight to the forest of Hereth 22:5

Saul's slaughter of the priests 22:6-23

2. Saul's pursuit of David ch. 23

David at Keilah 23:1-14

David's rescue of Keilah 23:1-5

David's escape from Keilah 23:6-14

David in the wilderness of Ziph 23:15-23

Jonathan's encouragement of David 23:15-18

David's escape from the wilderness of Ziph 23:19-23

David in the wilderness of Maon 23:24-29

3. David's goodness to two fools chs. 2426

David's first sparing of Saul's life ch. 24

David's cutting off of Saul's hem 24:1-7

David's verbal defense to Saul 24:8-15

David's promise not to cut off Saul's descendants and name 24:16-22

David's sparing of Nabal's life ch. 25

The death of Samuel 25:1

David's request of Nabal 25:2-8

Nabal's foolish response to David 25:9-13

A servant's appeal to Abigail 25:14-17

Abigail's preparations for appealing to David 25:18-22

Abigail's appeal to David 25:23-31

David's response to Abigail's appeal 25:32-35

Nabal's response to the news of Abigail's appeal 25:36-38

David's marriage to Abigail 25:39-43

David's loss of his wife 25:44

David's second sparing of Saul's life ch. 26

Saul's encampment near the hill of Hachilah 26:1-5

Abishai's offer to kill Saul 26:6-12

David's rebuke of Abner 26:13-16

David's appeal to Saul 26:17-20

David's trust in God 26:21-25

4. The end of Saul's reign chs. 2731

David's return to Philistia 27:128:2

David's relocation to Ziklag 27:1-7

David's raids to the south 27:8-12

The Philistines' preparations for war against Israel 28:1-2

Saul's attempt to secure divine guidance from a medium 28:3-25

The threat of Philistine attack 28:3-7

Saul's conversation with the medium 28:8-14

Saul's conversation with Samuel 28:15-19

Saul's failure to listen 28:20-25

Yahweh's providential protection of David ch. 29

The Philistine commanders' fear of David 29:1-5

David's exemption from the battle 29:6-11

David's wise leadership of the Israelites ch. 30

David's crisis and his response 30:1-6

God's provision of guidance 30:7-10

David's kindness to the Egyptian servant 30:11-15

David's successful victory over the Amalekites 30:16-20

Sharing spoil with David's followers 30:21-25

Sharing spoil with the Judahites 30:26-31

The death of Saul ch. 31

The battle of Mt Gilboa 31:1-6

The aftermath of the battle 31:7-13