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Dr. Constable's Expository Bible Study Notes in iSilo™ for PDA Handhelds

Dr. Thomas L. Constable's complete set of Expository Bible Study Notes is available in iSilo™–formatted documents (.pdb file format). This version of Constable's Notes is produced for handheld devices supported by iSilo™ document reader: Palms, Windows Mobiles, CEs, Pocket PCs, iPhone/iPod touch/iPads, Smartphones, Blackberrys, Symbians, Androids, and any handheld device that iSilo™ document reader supports. Go to and check for a version that supports your device.

Constable's Notes in iSilo™, 2015 Edition:  Dr. Constable's Expository Notes in iSilo™, 2015 Edition, with all 66 books updated, matches the current online edition in content. It features high-resolution, bookmarked, & colorized graphics (screenshot); chiastic structures (A • B • C • B' • A') that are staircased like the online version (see chiasm in screenshot); tables in box format (screenshot).The iSilo™ notes are optimized for viewing and feature hyperlinked endnotes, key-verse bookmarks, and easy-to-use hyperlinked table of contents. Dr. Constable's 66 commentaries are sold as OT & NT Suites on 2 downloadable zipfiles. To purchase the Expository Notes in iSilo™ on a CD rather than as downloads, see the section below titled "Expository Notes in iSilo on CD."

Upgrade to 2015 iSilo Edition: Sonic Light offers a special upgrade price at 60%–off for previous customers by special-order. See section below titled: "60%–off Upgrade on Notes in iSilo.

Requirements to read the Notes in iSilo™: For Palms, Windows Mobiles, etc., you need the iSilo™ document reader (4.0 or later). For iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, you need the iSilofor iPhone OS app. The iSilo™ reader is required for these notes and is free with limited functionality, or it can be purchased for full functionality (recommended). You can purchase and download iSilo™ reader from Check to see if they have a version of iSilo™ reader for your device.

For tips on using iSilo for iPhone OS, see *Tips paragraph below the screenshot.

Dr. Constable's Notes in iSilo prices:
OT Suite ($33.95); NT Suite ($22.95).
(Average cost: 86 cents per book.)

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Note: Before you install the Bible study notes on your Palm or Pocket PC, you need to download and install iSilo™ document reader (4.0 or later); for iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, get iSilofor iPhone OS. The iSilo™ reader is required and is free with limited functionality or it can be purchased for full functionality (recommended). You can purchase and download iSilo™ reader from Be sure to look for the version of iSilo™ Reader that is made for your particular handheld device. For a description of the features of the fully-functional version of iSilo's Document Reader, scroll down and read the paragraph titled What the iSilo Document Reader Offers.

*Tips for users of iPhone / iPod touch / iPad (iSilo™ for iPhone): When displaying landscape graphics in the Notes, use the "Rotation Lock" and/or "Full Screen" features under the More menu.
      Remember to check for updates of your iSilo reader (App Store icon) and keep updated to the latest version.
Note: A graphics display bug in the 5.25 version, affecting some graphics, has been corrected in the 5.26 version of iSilo™ for iPhone.

Expository Notes in iSilo on CD

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If you prefer to order a CD of the Expository Notes in iSilo instead of downloads, the OT & NT Suites can be ordered on CD, as pictured above, for the same price as the 2 downloadable Suites combined - $56.90 - i.e. about 86¢ average per book. Click How to Order, scroll down to the "Expository Notes" section - item #TCN-400.

60%-off Upgrade on Notes in iSilo (previous customers of Constable's Notes in iSilo):

The 60%–off Upgrade CD (2015 Edition of Constable's Notes in iSilo™) is by special mail-in order for previous customers of Dr. Constable's Expository Notes in iSilo™ who purchased at least one download Suite of an earlier edition. The Upgrade Notes are on CD because the download site doesn't include an automated upgrade system for previous customers. Choose the Upgrade CD listed below that corresponds to the Suite(s) you originally purchased. Read the mail-in instructions and make out your order.

Prices below on CD Upgrades include shipping and handling costs:

1. OT Suite Upgrade on 1 CD (iSilo format) = $17.80 (U.S. Customers);
    $19.05 (Canadian); $21.80 (International except India); $23.05 (India).

2. NT Suite Upgrade on 1 CD (iSilo format) = $13.40 (U.S. customers);
   $14.65 (Canadian); $17.40 (International except India); $18.65 (India).

3. OT & NT Upgrade Suites on 1 CD (iSilo format) = $26.95 (U.S. Customers);
   $28.20 (Canadian); $30.95 (International except India); $32.20 (India).

Write out your mail-in special order as follows:

1. Write your name, shipping address, and email address.
2. Indicate the Upgrade CD you are ordering (#1, #2, or #3 above).
3. Include some form of proof of the original download purchase: E.g., (1) a printed copy or receipt from an email, or (2) photocopy of a bank statement showing the payment for an OT/NT Suite(s), or, (3) if you don't have a printable record, you can email to Sonic Light ( the readme.txt file from the Constable's Notes zipfile you purchased & downloaded, along with the written mailed-in special order.
4. Make out the check or money order for the price specified above for your Upgrade CD, for the amount based on where you live.
5. Please notify Sonic Light by email ( that you are mailing a special-order for an upgrade CD of Dr. Constable's Notes in iSilo.
6. Mail your special order, including check or money order, to:

Sonic Light
1410 Monterrey Dr.
Garland, TX 75042-5074

What the iSilo Document Reader Offers

The fully-functional version of iSilo™ reader offers these features:

  • Highly-compressed files
  • Extensive hyperlinking capabilities with history
  • Powerful searching capabilities
  • Listing, sorting, and categorizing of notes files (Palm version)
  • Ability to globally find text across notes files (Palm version)
  • Customizable scrolling features
  • Autoscroll
  • Full screen display
  • Customizable buttons
  • Customizable for left-handed usage
  • Ability to change font size
  • Bookmarks

Of course, you can use iSilo reader to read thousands of other electronic books or documents too.

If you need a Bible for your Palm or Pocket PC handheld, we recommend Laridian's Bible Study software. Click the icon below to view their products.

Click here to go to Dr. Constable's Bible Study Notes in Acrobat format (PDF)

Click here for the publication history of Constable's Notes.

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